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MRC Facilities
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The Unique Benefits we offer at our location : Primary production, distribution services, manufacturing and biotechnology have integrated to become a valuable resource and centre of excellence at MRC for marine development.
On-site Campus for companies involved in the Marine Industry
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Why you should choose MRC : Situated on Loch Creran, on the Scottish West Coast, the MRC site not only benefits from being located close to the seafood capital of Scotland, Oban, the site offers excellent facilities combined with the quality of life provided by living on the West Coast and close to the Adventure Capital of Scotland, Fort William.  
Barcaldine, Oban, Argyll MRC will become the most important commercial development campus for marine resources in Western Scotland. Throughout the world changes in society, together with  advances in technology, have led to a growing range of industrial economic activity derived from the marine resource. MRC boasts a range of unique features. The combination of industrial development potential, a large high quality freshwater supply, a deep water pier giving access to the open sea and an excellent range of existing facilities and infrastructure which is unrivalled.
How we can assist your Business : Our established team of highly skilled engineers and operators provide on-site support to all MRC customers - whether permanently located on-site with us or using our services on a temporary basis. Contact us now to see what we have to offer you at MRC. A number of different rental opportunities exist on site from rent of office and laboratory space to larger warehouses. The list below details the range of options available.
Facility Units : No     Sq m Sq  ft Description 1 3,191     34,628   Yacht Storage 2 1,148     12,750   Yacht Storage 3 316     3,425   Yacht Storage 4 866     9,400   Hydro Electric turbine 5 2,176     23,613   Yacht Storage 6 580     6,300 Salmon hatchery available for rent 7 629     6,290   Available for rent 8 410     4,451 MRC occupied 9 249     2,700   Workshop - Occupied 10 249     2,700   Workshop - Occupied 11 249     2,700 MRC Store 12 1,124     12,200 Fish feed store 13 737     8,000 Fish feed store 14 574     6,223 MRC workshops 15 203     2,199   Renewables Now 16 1,303     14,140   Fusion Marine Limited 17 110     1,200 Storage area 18 190     2,067   Amenities block 21 146/135 1,584/1,466 MRC stores. Upper floor vacant 22 179     1,945   Fusion Marine Limited 23 282     3,060   Black Isle Shellfish depuration Unit 21 Ground Floor -  MRC  Top Floor -  Vacant Additional space available - Please contact us for further details
Let us introduce you to our Marine Network : The extensive experience of our staff at MRC combined with the business and contact network we enjoy will immediately add value to any customer or business. We also have access to national and international support available to all our customers through our Parent company Lithgow’s Limited ... We’re here to assist you ! 
Denotes Specific unit availability
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Developments at MRC : A NEW short stay pontoon has been installed during spring 2011, which has 6 deep water berths for loading and watering. It will be close to car and dinghy parking, and at the closest shore position to the moorings. Click on the sketch to view the pontoon installation and location on the site. View further details here
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New Pontoon Berth at Barcaldine New Pontoon Berth at Barcaldine New Pontoon Berth at Barcaldine New Pontoon Berth at Barcaldine New Pontoon Berth at Barcaldine New Pontoon Berth at Barcaldine New Pontoon Berth at Barcaldine New Pontoon Berth at Barcaldine OUR FACILITY